We are sorry, but for the time being we do not accept any new photographers!
If you want to share some photos that you have uploaded somewhere online (on deviantArt for example), just give us a link to your gallery and we will link you in the "More Stock-Images" section. :) It doesn't matter what kind of photos you want to share. This linking-section is not restricted to predators or only animals.


Photography is a medium that was created to be shared. We share captured moments with those who take delight in them.
The photography on this website is free for use. Every photographer who would like to participate has to agree with this. Dawnthieves ist not designed to only showcase photos. This website was created to make photos available for others and to help them find legal photography that they can use within the internet for various purposes. However we do not allow a commercial use of the displayed photos - that also includess commissions and point commissions on deviantArt. And of course the copyright remains with the official photographer.

Terms of Joining

We would be delighted if we could display a constantly growing amount of various predator photography from around the world. We want to welcome interested photographers with open arms, but we also have to keep quality in mind. We have no use for photos that have been taken with a cellphone or a cheap low-resolution digi-cam. We also have no use for pictures that display more fence than animal, are out of focus or have very poor detail. Of course you don't have to be a professional photographer with only the best of equipment, but you definitely should be someone who knows what they're doing. Dawnthieves is known for providing quality stock photography after all. So look at the photos we already provide and think carefully if your work can keep up with our quality. At the end of the day we want to share photos that are useful for artistic or educational practices.

(Important: This website won't display photography of pet dogs and pet cats. For one thing, they are domesticated and no wild animals anymore, so they're not really fitting the topic of Dawnthieves. For another thing, it would be a bit much if everyone would then offer photos of their cats and dogs for this site. Furthermore, there are some legal aspects to consider if you take photos of a pet you do not own yourself and we don't want to take any risks. However, we would love to link your personal gallery in "More Stock-Photos" if you are a photographer who provides stock photography of cats and dogs.)
In short - we have no use for: - photography that is blurred, out of focus or pixelated and lacks any detail/has very low resolution
- photography that is over- or too underexposed
- photography that was captured with a cellphone/Iphone/point & shoot digital cameras
- photography on which you can barely recognise the animal, as it is too far away, or half covered by something
- photography with too much fence on it, especially if the fence covers parts of the animal
- photography on which you can recognise too many man-made things
- photography on which the main aspects of the composition are out of focus. (such as portraits with blurred faces)
- photography with a smaller width than 1000px

When necesarry we reserve the right to sort out photography with quality defects (e.g. strong blur, humans in the background).

If you feel that your photography would enrich our website and if you are really sure that it's fine with you that all people can use your photos, than you can contact us about Dawnthieves@googlemail.com. Please fill out the following in your E-mail:

Name: (First name and the first letter of your surname will do)
Camera model:
deviantArt-Acc: (optional)

(Keep in mind: You have to get in contact with us yourself, if you have new photos that you want to display.)

Important: The administrators of this website assume no liability of what the photos are used for.
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